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Mapamond Call
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Conecteaza centrala ta IP la liniile ISDN sau transforma centrala telefonica intr-o centrala VoIP. Reprezinta costul efectiv pentru migrarea la VoIP investind valoare si pastrandu-va infrastructura. VoIPBOX BRI se instaleaza intre PBX si PSTN si conecteaza centrala curenta la Internet. Este compatibilitatea cu telefoanele existente si interoperabila cu alte echipamente de VoIP. Impreuna cu MapamondCall poti avea o solutie completa care sa-ti satisfaca toate dorintele de comunicare inteligenta.

Puteti inchiria acest dispozitiv cu doar 35 euro/luna,
daca beneficiati de un abonament MapamondCall.
Cumparati acum   MapamondCall VoIPBox BRI    399,00EUR 

Specificatii produs

Extraclasa perfecta pentru Telefonie VoIP .

TELES.VoIPBOX BRI este un echipat complet, un gateway high-quality poate conecta clienti de voce fara interferente cu orice echipament telecom. Este usor de instalat si intretinut si este compatibil cu majoritatea aplicatiilor curente de VoIP.

  • 8 channel ISDN BRI VoIP gateway B
  • Toll-grade voice compression and T.38 fax support
  • Integrated SIP server for remote survivability and emergency break-out
  • Advanced Least Cost Routing
  • QoS and traffic-shaping support
  • PSTN backup (lifeline support)
  • Supports auto-provisioning and centralized system management

    Caracteristici Technice:

    • Cost Effective Migration to VoIP Invest in the outstanding value and maintain your current PBX infrastructure. The VoIPBOX BRI includes a complete features suite without requiring add-ons or upgrades. The VoIPBOX BRI installs between the PBX and PSTN and connects your current PBX – as is – to the Internet. The premium suite of features ensures complete compatibility with your current telephone equipment and total interoperability with all third-party VoIP equipment. Your infrastructure backbone remains and so does the investment represented by the company’s contact information.
    • Simple Installation and Sophisticated Management In minutes, install the VoIPBOX BRI and make your first phone calls. Just connect the cables and the power and physical installation is complete. Then, use the VoIPBOX BRI’s Quickstart tool or the integrated Web-based GUI to complete initial configuration. To fine-tune the routing configuration, use our GATE Manager. Finally, you can use the TELES NMS (Network Management System) for remote provisioning of bulk installations; the VoIPBOX BRI can automatically receive updated routing files from the NMS.
    • LCR Savings and Secure Back-up Save money on every phone call. VoIPBOX BRI’s LCR (Least Cost Routing) features automatically identify the least expensive route to each destination, whether that is over a standard fixedline network or over the Internet. Plus, VoIPBOX BRI’s IntraStar technology provides transparent fallback to the PSTN if there is packet loss or a bottleneck on the IP network.
    • Remote Survivability Protect your ability to make phone calls. If your office is disconnected from its VoIP network server, VoIPBOX BRI can route both interoffice calls and PSTN calls. IP phones continue to function thereby sustaining your productivity.
    • Guaranteed Voice Quality Ensure superior voice quality. In addition to all the standard VoIP features – like echo cancellation and silence suppression – VoIPBOX BRI’s premium feature set includes the best available DSPs, traffic shaping, and multi-level fallback. Voice speech compression codecs reduce bandwidth need and RTP multiplexing enables even further bandwidth reduction.
    • Scalability 4 / 8 concurrent calls Up to 4 BRI
    • VoIP codecs G.711, G.723, G.726, G.728, G.729, GSM Fax support T.38, fallback to G.711
    • Echo cancellation G.168 – 2002, 128 ms tail length ISDN data call clear channel (RFC 4040) DTMF RFC 2833, SIP/H.323 info, inband
    • VoIP quality Configurable ToS, Diffserv, VLAN Silence suppression, VAD, CNG, G.729B
    • QoS alternative routing based on ASR, fraction lost, jitter, and roundtrip delay.
    • Traffic shaping Dynamic PSTN fallback (IntraStar patent)
    • Call routing Time-dependent routing Multilevel alternative routing 5000 routing entries ENUM support
    • Database managed routing Support for multiple gatekeepers, H.225 (v4) Support for multiple registrars Overlap /en-bloc conversion RFC 3578 Digit manipulation Black/white list
    • Advanced Integrated SIP registrar and location server
    • Life line functionality: bypass relais connect PBX to PSTN in case of power failure AOC generation (AOC-D, AOC-E)
    • Integrated callback/two-stage-dialing server Integrated DSL router (PPPoE) RTP multiplex bandwidth reduction STUN support Symmetric RTP (COMEDIA) Radius support
    • PROTOCOLS ISDN DSS1 (Q.931, national variants), Q.SIG-BC TE / NT, PP/ PMP VoIP SIP (RFC 3261) H.323 (v4) MGCP*, IUA*
    • SYSTEM MANAGEMENT Remote access via IP or ISDN data call with NMS or GATE Manager HTML configuration interface SNMP (alarm management) Call Detail Records (CDRs)
    • CONNECTION SPECIFICATIONS ISDN 2 /4 × BRI, RJ-45 1/ 2 configured as NT 1/ 2 configurable as TE or NT Ethernet 2 × Ethernet 10/100 Base-T RJ-45

    TELES VoIPBOX BRI este disponibil in culoarea neagra. Vine deja preconfigurat pentru a putea fi folosit cu serviciul MapamondCall.

    Price: 399,- €

    fara TVA.

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